• 6:00 a.m. – Coffee is  served for “early bird” arrivals
  • 7:15 – Breakfast  Buffet
  • 7:45 – Meeting  Begins – Club President presiding “Bell Ring” for meditation (all  rise) ;  Welcome comments from President; Introduction of guests/honorary  members/nice to see! Table Introductions (2-3 tables  each week); Pot O’ Gold Drawing from weekly  Registrations Mini Craft Talk Speaker Introduction by prior  week’s Pot O’ Gold winner.
  • 8:00 – Craft  Talk Presentation
  • 8:30 – Meeting  Adjourns

Table Assignments

Table assignments change monthly  and are posted for reference at each meeting.   They are emailed to members prior to the start of each month.  Table rotation provides an opportunity,  through regular attendance, to meet and converse with other members for four or  five consecutive meetings.

The first name on the list of  table assignments is the Chair who has a responsibility to encourage weekly  attendance by all members assigned to the table.  The second name listed is the Vice-Chair  whose name is followed by a date that corresponds to one of the meeting dates  in the month.  The Vice-Chair is  responsible for introducing the table members during the “Table Introductions”  segment of the weekly agenda.  Table  introductions present an opportunity for the table Vice Chair to be creative  through the use of poetry, humor, rhyme or seasonal themes.  Originality is applauded!  This ritual is intended to further reinforce  names with faces, and restate each representative’s line of business – a  process important to new member orientation.   Not surprisingly, this part of the weekly meeting is often the most  enjoyable.

Craft Talk Presentation

Reservations for the Craft Talk  schedule are coordinated by club officers.   Speakers will be contacted prior to their assigned date to assist in  planning for space requirements, table layout and audio/visual needs.  The Craft Talk is an opportunity for the  representative (s) of the member organization to present their company in all  its glory!  Give the presentation  yourself, or invite those you work with to support your efforts.  Guest speakers for any topic of interest to  the membership are also a welcome option.   The more interesting and elaborate, the more favorably it reflects on  your business products or services!

Speaker Introduction

Introduction of the weekly Craft  Talk Speaker is performed by the Pot O’ Gold winner from the prior week’s  meeting, and follows the Pot O’ Gold drawing on the agenda.  The Pot O’ Gold winner is encouraged to  gather information on the speaker in advance in order to present the  introduction.

Registration/Pot O’ Gold Drawing

After each weekly meeting, the club’s  administrative office will mail or e-mail minutes of the meeting (the  Newsletter) to active Primary and Associate members and honorary members.  The newsletter is typically printed on logo stationery  and stamped envelopes provided by the Craft Talk speaker.

Registration is the process of  acknowledging the speaker’s presentation with a note of thanks, e-mail message,  a business lead or referral, a personal visit to the speaker’s place of  business, or a purchase order.   Accompanying your registration should be $1 cash which is pooled and  held by the speaker for the Pot O’ Gold drawing at the next scheduled  meeting.  Feel free to include one of  your business cards!

All members and guests attending  the weekly meeting are required to sign a small attendance card at the  beginning of the Breakfast buffet.  These  cards are collected prior to the start of the business portion of each meeting  and are used for the mini Craft Talk and Pot O’ Gold drawings, as well as to determine  the breakfast headcount relating to our minimum expense guarantee with the  Woman’s Club.

The President is assisted in the  Pot O’ Gold drawing by the winner of the prior week’s Pot O’ Gold.  Five names are pulled for the drawing, with  the first given an opportunity for a Mini Craft talk – a voluntary 30-second  “commercial” for your company.  The fifth  name drawn is the winner of the Pot O’ Gold, contingent upon registration by the  process described above.  If the winner  failed to register, the Pot O’ Gold is forfeited to the fourth name drawn (again  assuming registration occurred), until the winner is determined.  As you would expect, it pays to  register!  The Breakfast Club roster  booklet and this website include all member names and addresses to assist you  with your registration.  Prompt  registration by all members ensures a generous Pot O’ Gold, though the primary  purpose of the registration process is to extend appreciation to the speaker.