Be On Target With Bullseye Media

January 25, 2017

Winter returned today with snow overnight. Think the Minnesotans forgot how to drive in snow in two weeks? First to arrive were Robert Sanberg and Dick Anderson.

The meeting was called to order by President Robert Sanberg with a tinkle of the bell.

The new directories have arrived! Please make sure to have a couple on hand to stay in touch.

Tony Rubin is looking for a handyman.

This Week’s Craft Talk

Bullseye is a premiere visual media agency that specializes in video production, design, web management & animation. Get seen, be heard.

Every business is unique. We truly believe that. Business owners often struggle finding creative ways to capture the attention of their target market. That is where we come in. In a world where consumers see over 10,000 advertisements in a single day, it is imperative that companies stand out. Bullseye Media LLC thrives on finding fun, creative and new ways to grow your customer base.

We do great work and we are not afraid to show it. Media is fun and with Bullseye, you can be sure that your business is right on target.

Register for next week’s Pot of Gold with Kelsey Wolter via e-mail to:

A robust exchange was started today with the following members thanked: Staples Advantage, Bullseye Media, Winston Law Office, Solomon Strategies Group, Carey Limousine, The St. Paul Saints, and Ashbaugh Financial.

Table Introductions were made at Table #1 by The St. Paul Saints and at Table #7 by Intelligrated, both with a theme of “Meat.

The Pot of Gold was drawn by Mark Simon and won by Rhonna Hed of Summit Fire Protection.

Mark Simon introduced our Craft Talk speaker Kelsey Wolter of Bullseye Media.

Our next meeting will be held onsite at The Woman’s Club. There will be a guest speaker, Tom Hubler of Hubler Family Business. Table introductions will be made at Table #5 by Lupient Automotive Group and at Table #8 by Les Jones Roofing, Inc.